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Installers of Supalite warm roofs


Supalite Roof

The SupaLite Tiled Conservatory is a roofing system to provide you with a certified, safe and energy efficient roof for your conservatory, with pretty much any configuration.

You can remodel your conservatory internally to give the feel of a true lounge, as it will not get damp like an old fashioned conservatory.

Why have a Supalite Roof

  1. Your conservatory will retain warmth in the winter months of November to March with a Supalite roof
  2. It will keep your conservatory cool on sunny days even in direct sunlight
  3. Much better security
  4. Stop leaking
  5. You can use your conservatory all year round
  6. Designed and tested to the standards demanded by the LABC

Supalite Roof Benefits